Padley Gorge

We visited Padley Gorge and took Irka today to get some photo time before the colder weather comes, took my 1970’s blonde girls but i didn’t get many pictures of them together as i was worried they would fall into the water if i had more than one doll to watch at a time!

IMG_0152 (Copy)

IMG_1289 (Copy)

IMG_1294 (Copy)

IMG_0162 (Copy)

IMG_1299 (Copy)

IMG_0161 (Copy)

and some Lytro images taken by my husband.


Shining Woods

We went out today to take a few shots of some of the dolls in the Halloween outfits i’ve been making as i tried a mass photos shoot on Friday inside which took me ages to set up and a ton of photos trying to get everyone in the picture and in focus and i still wasn’t that happy at the end of it so went to find a spooky setting and thought anywhere with “Shining” in the title sounded promising so long as there was no Jack Nicholson types around! 

I’m saving the Halloween pictures for now but my baby ginger and no navel girl opted for “Princess” themes instead of orange and black so i’m posting a couple of those. We went to a Canal later and got some nice reflection pictures.

IMG_0147 (Copy)IMG_1250 (Copy)IMG_0148 (Copy)IMG_1253 (Copy)IMG_1255 (Copy)

New Gotz Girl

We had a new arrival this week, a lovely Gotz girl whose sad express called to me, plus the fact that her hair is the same lovely colour as my Daughter’s. We took her and my tunic girl (really need to sit down and give the poor girls proper names) back to Alderley Edge in Cheshire since my Daughter was able to join us today and hadn’t been there before. They are both very different girls and normally i pair similar dolls together (even if only the same hair colour) but i’m trying not to do that so much and think they do look nice.IMG_1216 (Copy)IMG_0113 (Copy)IMG_0110 (Copy)IMG_0111 (Copy)IMG_0114 (Copy)IMG_0118 (Copy)

Duffle Coats

I’ve been busy sewing this week, mostly making Halloween outfits but i also put together two duffle coats ready for the colder weather. It wasn’t really a scarf and hat day today so we just tried the coats themselves when we drove to Alderley Edge in Cheshire which isn’t too far away.IMG_1175IMG_0093IMG_0089IMG_1160-2

Mow Cop Castle

On Sunday we visited Mow Cop Castle in Cheshire, its history is that its actually a Folly and i thought it would be great for some photos, especially as it had managed to stop raining for a bit, its a very dramatic setting and i never even knew it existed even though its not very far from where we live. I took along my new no navel girl but she continued to try and face plant everywhere, we went to a Country park earlier and i’ve already decided she’s going to be trouble as she obviously loves mud!

Mow Cop Castle