No excursion photos for me this week, we took my Grandson (who is almost two) to the Sudbury Museum of Childhood but he needs my undivided attention so didn’t take any dolls with me. Instead here are a few photos of Emily my Cora i bought recently MIB. I had the darker skinned Cora but for some reason wasn’t too in love with her, i saw this lighter girl and there was just something about her, she’s the blue cord dress final version and ever since i saw her she really reminded me of someone, maybe in an old film but i can’t put my finger on it. She’s wearing a dress by Passion for Sasha and knitwear by Molly and socks by Ruthsdolls.IMG_8866 (Copy)

IMG_8864 (Copy)

IMG_8865 (Copy)


Biddulph Grange and Welcome to Cookie

This week we had a very special new arrival (almost like a Royal baby!) as we adopted Toddler Esther Cookie. I’ve not been able to take any pictures as our studio lights have been packed away but today we visited the National Trust property Biddulph Grange, it was a lovely sunny day with lots of flowers still in bloom and they also had some Halloween decorations left up which were very well done so got some nice pictures and it was a successful trip. The BJD is my Fairyland Minifee Ante which is a sleeping head modified to take eyes.

IMG_0212 (Copy)

IMG_0236 (Copy)

IMG_0216 (Copy)

IMG_0218 (Copy)

IMG_0219 (Copy)

IMG_0230 (Copy)

IMG_0223 (Copy)

IMG_0226 (Copy)

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IMG_0263 (Copy)