Lucky Ebay Find

I had a great find on Ebay this week, she’s a 1969 doll i believe as she has green flecked stringing in both arms and legs. She needed a bit of cleaning up but i don’t think she was played with much at all before being stored away as her elastic is tight and apart from the odd mark she feels like new. Don’t think she has falling hair but i suppose time will tell. She’s really lovelyIMG_9162IMG_9161


Tatton Park Gardens

Had a bit of a break from my blog as i’ve had a lot to occupy me and the weather has been bad. Today we visited Tatton Park and i took along my new Gotz Brunette No Navel so i managed to get a few photos in front of the Japanese Garden, it was really busy as its half term which i’d forgotten about since my Grandson doesn’t go to School yet!IMG_0231IMG_0232

Hand-Made Christmas Fair

IMG_8936 (Copy)I attended a fair in Manchester the other week which was really good, one of the workshops was making a Felt Lollipop decoration, hosted by aTinFullofPins. This week i’ve made some smaller versions with mini lollipop sticks, they are really fun and easy to make, here is my Gotz Brunette showing a couple off (after Christmas i will probably make some more pastel ones too)


No excursion photos for me this week, we took my Grandson (who is almost two) to the Sudbury Museum of Childhood but he needs my undivided attention so didn’t take any dolls with me. Instead here are a few photos of Emily my Cora i bought recently MIB. I had the darker skinned Cora but for some reason wasn’t too in love with her, i saw this lighter girl and there was just something about her, she’s the blue cord dress final version and ever since i saw her she really reminded me of someone, maybe in an old film but i can’t put my finger on it. She’s wearing a dress by Passion for Sasha and knitwear by Molly and socks by Ruthsdolls.IMG_8866 (Copy)

IMG_8864 (Copy)

IMG_8865 (Copy)

Biddulph Grange and Welcome to Cookie

This week we had a very special new arrival (almost like a Royal baby!) as we adopted Toddler Esther Cookie. I’ve not been able to take any pictures as our studio lights have been packed away but today we visited the National Trust property Biddulph Grange, it was a lovely sunny day with lots of flowers still in bloom and they also had some Halloween decorations left up which were very well done so got some nice pictures and it was a successful trip. The BJD is my Fairyland Minifee Ante which is a sleeping head modified to take eyes.

IMG_0212 (Copy)

IMG_0236 (Copy)

IMG_0216 (Copy)

IMG_0218 (Copy)

IMG_0219 (Copy)

IMG_0230 (Copy)

IMG_0223 (Copy)

IMG_0226 (Copy)

IMG_0229 (Copy)

IMG_0263 (Copy)

Anderton Boat Lift

So to continue our quest for interesting locations today we visited Anderton Boat lift which is a massive restored structure to lift canal boats from a lower to a higher level, four at a time. We took my No navel girl and also my Unoa Hybrid BJD who i think suited some of the more “grungy” settings than Sasha did!

IMG_0192 (Copy)

IMG_0188 (Copy)

IMG_0196 (Copy) IMG_0194 (Copy) IMG_0200 (Copy) IMG_0201 (Copy)

BJD’s and Sasha Dolls

Last weekend we saw a great location with massive Bullrushes so Saturday we made a quick trip back while they were still looking photogenic, the BJD i took along is an Iplehouse Benny whose about the same size as Sasha but a lot slimmer, also took my Gotz Large head girl along but she totally mussed up her hair in my carry bag so all her pictures had to be taken from the side, no pictures in the bullrushes for her but got some good shots with the blackberries and leaves.

IMG_1306 (Copy)

IMG_1305 (Copy)

IMG_0170 (Copy)

IMG_0179 (Copy)

Green Eyed Girl

Today we went to Etherow Park in Marple, there’s a lot of evidence of its past Industrial Heritage where it used to house a Cotton Mill. We’re trying to photograph a variety of different locations as it mostly greenary and woodland around here.

My model is my 1970’s girl i bought for her Oxidised Green eyes, i’ve re-painted over her green eyebrows with brown acrylic paint as i wasn’t really liking them as they were but i love her now.

IMG_0182 (Copy)

IMG_1314 (Copy)